Flowers are the ultimate pampering. A tangible proof that someone has actually given one a thought. On a spring day we had a conversation with the founders and designers of Reflections Copenhagen. Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson have a very unique universe, a universe that offers contrasts between light and darkness, contemporary and traditional, art and functionality.



It can be difficult to put together a bouquet that gives the right expression. A bouquet should awaken emotions and speak to the senses. “First, select the flowers that you want to put together in a beautiful bouquet. We recommend that you choose flowers in different shapes, so you have more options - some long and thin as well as some flat and round. ” says Julie.


If you find it challenging to combine colors, Andrea recommends: “What I think is the easiest way is also the one I use the most; namely what colors I like the best and what immediately suits my taste right now. Try to go for what captivates you spontaneously - especially when it comes to choosing flowers.” Flowers are sensuous. They create emotions and awaken personal and different memories in all of us. Therefore, they should attract you and give you a certain feeling.


What inspires Andrea and Julie?

Opposites! The dark against the light, the rough against the fine and the masculine against the feminine. There should preferably be something that is protruding and giving. The way the branch winds and grows organically, disorganized and asymmetrically fascinates us. We find basic inspiration in nature and its colors.


Tips and tricks

A little tip from us to you: Put a hood full of chlorine in the flower water - it keeps the water clear and the flowers fresh.