New collectible from Reflections Copenhagen – Cabinets 2020

The Cabinets collection is an assortment of functional and artistic products, designed with a focus on delicate color combinations and graphic lines. The beautiful cabinets stand as a showpiece and draws attention in any interior, whether it is used as still life in the living room, storage in the bathroom or a decorative element in the bedroom. Cabinets is, with their brave color combinations and exclusive expression, a perfect choice when searching for an aesthetic alternative to  the more common storage solutions. 




Reflections Copenhagen have been inspired by the Chiaroscuro effect when working with the Cabinets collection. Chiaroscuro is a technique which uses the contrast of light and shadows to create an effect, which with the right light gives a very special expression. Here the red, golden and brown nuances gives a special glow, and the black and metallic a unique shine. The Cabinets collection consists of six extraordinary cabinets, which fit perfectly as a contrast in the simplistic home or as a matching object to a more creative and colorful interior. 




Reflections Copenhagen creates beauty that touches people. Reflections Copenhagen contributes to a sustainable mindset with design of high quality, which lasts for generations. All products are produced with unique handcraft techniques.