An utterly unique and timeless mirror, independent from time and place. The elegance of the Twilight mirror vigorously merges different interior styles into one, creating a shabby chic mirror with a modern design and antique detailing. Twilight adjusts to its surroundings, resulting in a mirror with a multitude of purposes.


Twilight in private home


This mirror combines reminisces from the grand Art Deco era, colours of the 50’s with contemporary design and handcraft, resulting in a timeless design object, independent of time and place. The Twilight mirror can take many forms of expression, depending on the interior which the mirror is placed in. The evokes of different time periods gives the mirror an ability to transform and adapt to any interior style; from contemporary to traditional and Scandinavian to industrial.


Resting on the dressing table, hanging in the hallway or decorating in the guest toilet. The elegant and feminine form of the Twilight mirror makes it easily placed anywhere.


The handcrafted mirror detailing in golden colours gives the mirror a trace of radiance and warmth. When the rays of light hit this mirror, the light reflects off it with a beam of colours and transforms its surroundings. Twilight is handmade and therefore every mirror is different and completely unique. Not any other mirror will be able to replace the Twilight.


Twilight in Bottega Barlie


Twilight in private home


Twilight packshot