How to style your home with art deco design elements

Art deco design elements were popular in America and Europe during the 1920s and 1930s. The style has its roots in the nature-inspired art nouveau style. The art deco era has affected interior design in many ways over the years. The styles emphasize modernity, as well as elegance and functionality.

Art deco was a big part of home interior design for many years. But during the '50s, it suddenly fell out of style. All of us who love interior design are now happy that the fantastic period pieces and iconic style that belongs to art deco are now coming back.

Do you also want to add an art deco style to your living space? Here are the art deco interior design elements you can't miss.

A room in art deco style with velvet sofas and large windows with different colourful shapes on them.

A room inspired by the art deco era. Especially when it comes to the velvet sofa and the big windows with different colorful shapes.



The motifs that we associate with art deco

Geometric, linearity and angular forms characterize art deco design. The art deco style is famous for its strong and bold details without any fussiness or romantic details. The design includes everything from zigzag patterns to stepped forms, sweeping curves and dramatic wildlife.


Important materials

Gold and steel are key materials when styling your home with art deco design elements. When decorating a living room with art deco furniture, upscale upholstery fabrics for seating are used, and headboards like shark, velvet and zebra skin. For furnishing, stainless steel, mirror and chrome, glass and lacquer are also very popular. In addition, the high-end furnishings often include expensive materials and accessories such as ebony, zebrawood and marble.

A sofa with large floral prints and a marble table. On the marble table stands the Belleville Perfume Flacon and a crystal bonbonnieres from Reflections Copenhagen.

A sofa in large floral prints and a marble table are classic art deco design furniture. On the table you can see the Belleville Perfume Flacon and a crystal bonbonnieres from Reflections Copenhagen.


How do I style with art deco design elements?

Do you adore art deco interior design? Then you should know that the style is all about making a statement. Focus on amazing statement pieces that you combine with other styles. For example, mix traditional Scandinavian interior design with details in gold or a chair in zebrawood. Marble also works as a fantastic luxurious detail in every home. With elements in art deco design, it is easy to add a unique flavor to your decor. Continue reading for more examples of how to welcome the magic of art deco into your home.


Furniture in art deco design

Choose big furniture that is streamlined in silhouette and has some eye-catching details. Perhaps a pair of large chairs or an oversized side table from Reflections Copenhagen. Also, check out our large mirrors in art deco style.

The Detroit Table and the Carnival Lamps from Reflections Copenhagen.

The Detroit Table and the Carnival Lamps from Reflections Copenhagen with art deco elements.



As told before, shark skin and zebra skin are two popular art deco design elements – as well as velvet and leather. Do not use overly feminized florals or decidedly masculine plaids. Instead, decorate with solid colours and textiles with geometric designs. Furniture in solid, contrasting blocks of colours is also considered art deco design.



Always choose striking and bold colours, and pair them with high-shine silver, chrome or black accents. These colors are also well mixed with polished wood and lacquered furniture. The colours of choice could, for example, be bright and deep yellow, red, green, blue or pink.

Do you prefer softer colours, such as cream and beige? No problem; these are often used in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

A black stone table with crystal tealight holders from Reflection Copenhagen. On the wall is the Diamond Large Mirror in the color emerald.

Stone furniture in dark colors is very art deco, and so are large mirrors. This is the Diamond Large Mirror in the color emerald from Reflections Copenhagen.



If you want to create an art deco home, flooring is essential. This could be wood flooring in a herringbone or parquet pattern. During the art deco era, black-and-white checkered flooring or cube patterns with optical illusion designs were also widespread. Is the floor a bit too bold? Why not overlay it with an oversized rug? Preferably in an eye-catching colour or with loud geometric patterns.



Don’t forget the characteristic lights that belong to the art deco era. The lighting fixtures are known for their geometric and symmetrical patterns. These are more detailed than the rest of the art deco design elements. For the right art deco-fixtures, you can choose:

  • Fixtures with clean aerodynamic modern lines and a few details. 
  • Fixtures with shades that are made of etched glass.  
  • Shades with fanned-out shapes obscure the bulb


4 excellent tips on how to create an art deco inspired home


Embrace the animal print

You can't get too many animal prints when decorating an art deco-inspired home. In the beginning, the bold patterns could feel a bit uncomfortable. But we promise you will love it as soon as you invite your first zebra-printed chair into the house.


Always use sleek materials

Even though art deco design furniture is quite large, the materials should be sleek. You are aiming for a stylish and luxurious home. So, decorate with elegant high-end furnishings and let the colours and prints be bold and eye-catching.


Decorate with mirrors

Mirrors are incredibly stylish and can make a room feel much bigger – and they are very art deco. So don't be shy when decorating with a mirror. Let the mirrors fill a whole wall or perhaps even the sealing.


Choose rich woods

Rich woods are always great, especially when decorating an art deco home. Purchase a zebra wood side table and lounge chairs, and you will have the perfect living room with art deco furniture.