Danish interior design typically has a feeling of being very structured and, in a way, almost architectural. The walls are white, the floors are in blond wood, and the pieces of furniture are simple but very stylish - with clean lines mixed with some breathtaking colorful statement pieces.

We keep space around the windows, and try to hold the color codes in bright and soft colours. 

The Danes do this to maximize the amount of light as the dark winter is very long in Scandinavian countries. In addition, high ceilings and an absence of clutter add to the sense of airy space. 

However Danish design is also experimental and colorful even though we keep the simplicity and straight structures in the design. 

We always want to share our fabulous design ideas with people who want to live the Scandinavian lifestyle. Read this text for the perfect guide to a fantastic home inspired by the Danish interior design style.


Eight essential tools when adding Danish interior design to your home

1. The importance of texture 

Many people think that Danish interior design is only about clean lines, shiny surfaces and nothing extra. But the very best Danish homes have a lot of character. The Danish interior design means texture, a neutral color scheme and excellent home decor. So when furnishing and decorating your home in a Danish style, it is essential to choose a color scheme that features a variety of shades. But also wood materials and antique finds that give the room vital texture.

Polaris Mirror in a home setting

The Danish interior design means texture, neutral color schemes, and excellent home decor. 

2. Danish pastel interior design: not only black and white

The myth says that the Danish interior only goes in black and white, but this is not how you do it naturally. Instead of black and white, you should be using shades close to nature like green and brown, stone and wood materials and a mismatch of furniture. In the last few years, the ‘Danish Pastel’ has also been a trending style that many people want to infuse their homes with. 

3. Always think blonde wood and grey 

Gray and yellow are always a winning color combination. Grey is easy to coordinate with, making your home look clean and timelessly stylish. On the other hand, yellow adds much-needed warmth to the grey. What knits it all together is the blonde wood. Use blond wood for the floors to make the room feel light and airy.

4. Play with natural light 

The Danish interior is known for its clean color palettes, cosy accents and unique modern furniture. In addition, designers often play with natural light that gives the room an extra touch. 

5. Add contrast 

High contrasts are fundamental. Colorful statement pieces in an all-white home help create a dramatic, impactful statement. Modern furniture also contrasts with ornate architectural details. Maybe you want to add a unique crystal table and a pair of tealight holders to the mix. 

Orlando Table in a home setting

Add a unique crystal table as a nice contrast. 

6. Colorful art in multiples is the key

When colorful art is put into Danish interior design, it often comes in graphic multiples. Furniture is often kept simple; midcentury chairs and a floating storage buffet. With these, it’s free to add some unique art to the mix. Candles are the hallmark of a cosy home and often come in luxurious candle holders.

7. Use warm wood

Warm wood tones are essential when styling your home with Danish interior design. Warm wood has the magic effect of making a room feel sunny and bright without using overwhelming bright colors. Adding a beautiful piece, like a crystal bowl or a colorful tray, to the mix is the perfect way to make your home sparkle. 

8. Add small colorful details 

When color is used in Danish design, it often comes in small but essential statement pieces. A neutral base is brought to life with rugs, pillows, candles, vases and other exceptional masterpieces

Sofie Home Scent and Chelsea Short Crystal Glass Clear/Rouge on a table

Add color to your home with essential statement pieces.


Three Danish interior design classics you should know about


GUBI is a design house based in Copenhagen renowned for designing and developing a stunning furniture, lighting and interior collection. The signature pieces evoke emotions with elements that are both timeless and enduring. 

GUBI wants to bring forgotten icons of the past together with today's Danish interior design classics. Visit the GUBI Flagship Store in Copenhagen to view an atypical, colorful and evocative backdrop for GUBI's collections' mainstay.

Georg Jensen

Enjoy quality craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic design with Georg Jensen. This luxurious brand creates democratic Danish designs that are both functional and beautiful. With a history that spans more than 100 years, the brand leverages the ideas and principles of Georg Jensen himself and translates these into the design of the present day. The home decor is stylish and clean in its unique way and gives your home that vital luxurious touch. 

Design By Us

When Design By Us was established in 1999 by Rasmus Larsson, it was a playground for imaginative and non-traditional approaches. That is also why the brand has its unique design vocabulary today, with elements inspired by fashion and fantasy along with humor and curiosity. Design By Us is all about challenging your perception of design, and with a stunning result.