What is hygge decor and how do I make a room hygge?

Scandinavian design is minimalistic, which many people consider harsh and cold. But this is a misconception. Cozy details such as warm blankets, soft materials and fluffy carpets are just a few examples of how you make your home more “hygge style” with decor.

Hygge is a Danish word that roughly translates to cozy togetherness. Scandinavian design is informed by the dark and bitterness of Scandinavian winter. And that is why hygge interior design is so important.


The importance of a cozy and comfortable lifestyle

Instead of living your life on autopilot, the Danish concept of hygge allows you to relax and get comfortable – to prioritize creating a feeling of coziness and spending quality time with family and friends. Creating a hygge home will bring these Scandinavian traditions to life. Continue reading for all essentials you need to know about, when styling your home with hygge interior design.


What is hygge decor?

Cozy elements are always easy to incorporate, no matter where you live or what interior design you style your home with. Hygge is derived from an old Norwegian word meaning “well-being”. Today it is an essential part of Danish culture, as well as an important part of the lifestyle. 

Imagine the feeling of curling up in sweatpants, drinking a cup of tea and snuggling indoors under a blanket during wintertime. This is hygge style. Enjoying a warm day at the beach lying in a comfortable sunbed is also hygge. What we are trying to say is that hygge could be many things– it’s pretty much up to you and what you enjoy.

Comfortable seating furniture is essential. This cozy chair is next to The Orlando Table from Reflections Copenhagen.

What makes a home hygge?

You must focus on the details when creating a home in hygge style. Your home should speak to your soul – because what makes a home hygge is actually up to you. One way is to follow the Scandinavian design trends and choose details that make your home feel homely. Then, focus on making your space beautiful through cozy elements that you and your family love.

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How do I make a room hygge?

Hygge celebrates health, comfort and happiness. It is all about creating a safe space for friends and family. When decorating a room with a hygge interior design, it is essential to keep things simple so that you will be able to immerse yourself in the relaxed and cozy lifestyle. Below we list five ways in which you can make a room hygge.

1. Stick to a neutral color scheme

The color scheme for your home should never be too overwhelming – not if you want to live a hygge lifestyle anyway. When creating a relaxing and cozy space, focus on an atmosphere of harmony and peace. And stick to a natural color palette. We recommend using pastel colors like light gray, browns and creams. But remember, it is always a great idea to add some colour to your home as well. Do this by picking out colorful statement pieces that add to the homely and unique feeling.

2. A comfortable and cozy atmosphere is the key

Your hygge decor could always be cozy – that is how you create a comfortable space. Fluffy pillows, blankets and carpets are hygge interior design pieces that immediately add coziness to a room. You should always be able to snuggle up on a comfortable sofa with layers of warm blankets.

A white sofa, a marble table with wooden legs with crystal décor from Reflections Copenhagen on it.

Decorate your home with a comfortable sofa, a fluffy carpet and crystal décor from Reflection Copenhagen.

3. Decorate with candles

Is there anything more relaxing than candles? Candles are all things that encompass the hygge lifestyle. The soft, warm glow will immediately relax you. Check out Reflections Copenhagen's beautiful crystal candle holders and magical home scents – perfect for the hygge lifestyle.

A side table with crystal candle holders from Reflection Copenhagen on it. Over the bench hangs the Eye of the Tiger Mirror.

To decorate with candles is essential. These candle holders are from Reflection Copenhagen.

4. Welcome the twinkly lights

Twinkly lights are a favorite among the many cozy hygge decor pieces. During wintertime, they are both cheery and festive – but they look great during all seasons. Let them light up your bedroom, living room, outdoor garden, or patio. The best thing about twinkly lights is that they are never overwhelming. Put up as many as you like (within certain limits, of course).

A room with twinkly lights in the ceiling.

You can't get too many twinkly lights in a hygge home.

5. Make a fire

If you have the possibility, making a fire is always a good idea, and it is a huge part of Danish culture. We dare to say that having a fireplace is essential to hygge decor. The fireplace represents warmth and togetherness, which is what hygge is all about. 

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