The idea of luxury home decor can look very different in one person's imagination from another. But with some valuable tricks and unique decoration pieces, it is easy to create a magical home to thrive in and with a sense of luxury added to it.

Here are 10 cool and easy ideas, from Reflections Copenhagen's lead designer Andrea Larsson, that can elevate your interior to that luxury feeling and look you are looking for.

Whatever your ideal room might be, we promise you that you will find something of interest in this list filled with layouts, high-end decor ideas, and styling advice.


1. Luxurious decorating: Carefully selected materials are of great importance to support the feel of luxury

The softness of sheer fabrics, the feeling of the grinded wood, the roughness of the raw stones, and the reflections of mirrors and clear cut glass and crystal. Materials are of great importance when you are focusing on creating a luxury space.

You have to carefully select the materials. The materials interact and they induce comfort and extravagance.

Most professionally decorated spaces emphasize the art of surface styling and the feel of great materials.


2. Stilleben as a personal addition to the extravagant styling

Give your high-end home decor and furniture the spotlight it deserves with a few simple yet professionally styled pieces. Select your items wisely and make a plan for all the areas in your home, even the smaller one. 

When all your decorative accessories and furniture are selected, arrange them in an eye-pleasing manner. For example, place a pair of crystal candle holders together on a bench, combined with a unique glass mirror on the wall, and you have created an area that gives your home that extra sparkle. 

Or mix your favorite findings as smaller art pieces, carefully selected bookends and framed images  with the books on your bookshelf. These special selected additions oozes luxury and personality.

eye of the tiger mirror

Style your home with the unique Eye of the Tiger Mirror.


3. Fresh it up with vases and flowers

Is there anything more beautiful than a vase filled with freshly cut flowers? A unique vase in crystal and some tulips or hydrangea from the grocery store are all you need to add sophistication to your decor. But, do remember the importance of how you arrange the flowers and what vase you put them in. Use the Amarillo Vase in hand-cut crystals with gem-like faceted edges. This vase is not only perfect to put your flowers in but also a decorative addition to your home.

grand manhattan vase

Fresh it up with beautiful flowers in the Grand Manhattan Vase.


4. Declutter every room

Clutter and mess are not the way to a luxury home. It's one thing to have a generously styled bookshelf or mantelpiece, but too much stuff never looks luxurious. So pare down your accessories and edit your collected pieces to just a few favorite items.  

With carefully selected items, you don't need to fill your home with a lot of nonsense. Instead, these pieces will give your home that modern luxury feeling you are looking for in a clean and minimalistic way.


5. Focus on your walls

When adding unique wall decorations to a room, the atmosphere will become even more luxurious. Try to choose a few chic additions that are nice for the eyes but not overbearing to your aesthetic. Decorate your walls with outstanding artwork or glass mirrors that contribute to that extra eye-catching effect. A decorative mirror can look as a fantastic art piece for example on an eye-catchy wallpaper or color. 

Strategic use of mirrors creates more visual depth in a room while making it seem both brighter and lighter. For example, placing a mirror opposite a window creates the illusion of a second window and makes the room feel more spacious.

Hanging several mirrors on the wall creates fascinating reflections of lights for a magical feeling. The effect will be even more breathtaking when adding a mirror with a shiny and colorful frame.

bellatrix and polaris mirror

Create more visual depth in a room with the Bellatrix Mirror.


6. Buy matching sets for your essentials

In many cases, the idea of luxury home decor is that it needs to be something significantly extra. But it is also essential to focus on the small details. Nothing looks more deliberate, neat and chic than a set of matching bonbonnieres on the bathroom sink. There are many ways to make those essential items in your home more luxurious. Fill your liquid soap in a dispenser, or transfer your favorite perfume into a perfume flacon. Even though making these upgrades is a bit more expansive, the impact will be enormous.


7. Create a luxurious feeling with scents

Aromatherapy plays an essential role in interior design - nothing reinforces the tone of a room quite like scents. Use candles and essential oil diffusers to create the desired atmosphere in a room. With home scents from Reflections Copenhagen, you have the opportunity to combine a beautiful crystal bonbonniere with a deliciously scented candle. Maybe you want to try the amber-colored crystal candle with elements of tuberose that resin in the crystal once it is extinguished - a scent perfect for your bedroom.

laura home scent

Laura Home Scent has a luxury scent with elements of tuberose.


8. Shop for statement decor pieces

When shopping for luxurious home decorations, try to look for unique home elements that you can use as a showcase piece. You never know what hidden gems you could find out there. 

If you're planning to go to the lengths of excellent interior design, then every standout piece should have its moment in the spotlight. Try to be minimalistic when decorating and choose where you put the items wisely.

mouth mirror

The Mouth Mirror and the New Haven Basin Rose are both unique statement pieces.


9. Mix and match with lamps and lights

For a fresher look, try grouping together hanging pendant lamps - a detail that works incredibly well over a dining room or kitchen table. Stagger their lengths if they're close together to raise the visual interest. You can also space them out. 

Maybe you want to check out Reflection Copenhagen's series of four lamps, unlike any traditional light series. Each unique crystal light creates a standout icicle look that is ultra-modern, with distinctive angles and reflections. Use them for a luxurious and modern living room design or as decoration over a small table.

carnival lamps and detroit table

Reflection Copenhagen's series of four lamps are unlike any other traditional light series.


10. Don’t forget the small side table

As well as a great coffee table, a unique side table as a central part of a room is always a great idea. The best way to tie your room together is with a beautiful coffee table or side table. With a colorful side table in crystal next to your lounge furniture or as decor in the corner of the room, you will easily give your place that extra luxurious look.