Scandinavian interior design: 6 Scandinavian interior design ideas

Scandinavian interior design is so much more than a stylish interior. It is a lifestyle based on the elements of Scandinavian minimalism, which has found its way into people's lives worldwide. The stereotypical Scandinavian home is clean, crisp, calm and homely. 

The Scandinavian design was first seen in the early 20th century, mixing old and new styles from Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Norway. And so, the design style also made it to the US and Canada.

The style is characterized by simplicity and minimalism, combined with functional and accessible craftsmen. With Scandinavian interior design, it is possible to add a unique design to the ordinary and to do so in a very stylish way.

Continue reading to learn more about all the key elements behind Scandinavian interior design and to get some valuable tips on creating a fabulous Scandinavian home.

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6 ways to style your home with Scandinavian interior design

Are you looking for tremendous Scandinavian interior design ideas and advice when decorating your stylish, minimalistic and well-thought-out home? Well, if so, you should continue reading.

1. Quality is essential

High-quality, multi-purpose, and practical pieces are essential when decorating and shaping a Scandinavian home. However, even though the functional elements are highly valued, a modern and stylish look is always the way to go. Remember to keep it simple and not overly ornate.

High-quality furniture and other carefully chosen interior design pieces make it easy to be minimalistic. We love unique statement pieces that can affect a whole room. A crystal table from Reflections Copenhagen is an amazing statement piece for your living room. Check out the collection right now.


2. Use contrast

When discussing what characterizes Scandinavian interior design, the principle of contrast is essential. Remember that contrasts can apply to a wide range of design elements; colors, shapes, sizes and textures. Be bold but minimalistic and use details in eye-catching colors, large sizes, and other minor details. You can also contrast light and dark neutrals, old and new pieces, and hard and soft materials. Also, try contrasting your foundational elements, such as walls, furniture, light fixtures, wall art and mirrors.

A room with stone walls and the Diamond XL Mirror in silver, from Reflections Copenhagen.

Nature elements like stone are essential when styling a home with Scandinavian interior design. In the picture is also the Diamond XL Mirror in silver, from Reflections Copenhagen.


3. Welcome nature

For Scandinavians, nature is not only an environment outside that will give you peace and strength. It is also an essential part of Scandinavian interior design. In Scandinavia, we live close to nature, and we appreciate it – and this comes through in how we spend time outdoors. But also in how we design and decorate our homes. 

So, how do you include nature in your home interior? Purchase light and bright wood or stone furniture, and decorate with houseplants and natural textiles such as linen, wool and sheepskin. Try to let in as much light as possible. Oversized windows with great views from outside are always very appreciated.

A beige sofa, wooden tables and the Grand Manhattan Vase from Reflections Copenhagen.

When decorating a room, use light wooden furniture and natural textiles. On the table stands the Grand Manhattan Vase from Reflections Copenhagen.


4. Decorate natural but with colors

When picking out colors for your home, think of natural elements like earth, stone and wood. A natural color scheme is both simple and sophisticated. Choosing lighter colors on the walls and light wood will give your home some extra lightness. However, it is always a great idea to add pops of bright colors as well.

With a natural backdrop, it is much easier to decorate with furniture and other interiors that add interest and contrast. Use small statement pieces in bright and bold colors to give your home a homey and personal touch. With Reflections Copenhagen's colorful candle holders or crystal vases it is easy to add some colors into the mix.

A side table with the Carnival Table Lamp No. 1 from Reflection Copenhagen and a colorful decoration on the wall.

Remember to add pops of colors to your decor. For example, the Table Lamp No. 1 from Reflection Copenhagen.


5. Think less is more

Open spaces without too much clutter are the key to a Scandinavian home. We love spaces where you can move and breathe without too many visual distractions that will catch your attention. Carefully select a few pieces.

Do you want to create a Scandinavian home? The first step is decluttering. Remember to aspire to a balance with the help of different qualities and materials. Create a space where you feel at peace and won’t get tired of the things around you.


6. Add fluffy textiles

In Scandinavia, it can get freezing during autumn and winter. That is also why cozy textiles, like wool and mohair blankets, can be found in every Scandinavian home. But this fluffy interior does not only bring warmth to your home. It will also add a softer look to the minimalistic Scandinavian interior design.

A cozy sofa in a Scandinavian design with several pillows and a blanket.

Decorating with cozy details as pillows and blankets is important.



What characterizes Scandinavian interior design today?

The traditional Scandinavian design is evolving and will continue to change, as all design styles do. It will accommodate changes in culture and style. When discussing what characterizes Scandinavian interior design, some new trends are worth mentioning – for example, used leather, monochrome art and white paper lanterns. And remember the fusion of Scandinavian design with, for example, Japanese and bohemian interior design. We can also see that bold color blocks and bright colors such as pink and yellow are growing trends – as well as strong colors in general.


Check out Reflections Copenhagen colorful Scandinavian design pieces

Reflections Copenhagen works towards challenging mass perception and production with a sustainable mindset by creating a high-quality design that will last for generations. This, as well as adding some more colors into the mix. As mentioned above, colorful elements are welcomed into most Scandinavian homes today. Check out our beautiful high-end crystal décor, lamps, mirrors and dinnerware, to mention a few examples.