Dress your table in style with colourful dinner plates

Dress your table in style with our selection of colourful dinner plates. Whether enjoying a casual lunch with family and friends or serving a formal dinner, our porcelain dinner plates are perfect. With a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from, the fabulous plates have it all. Pick your favourites today.

With Reflection Copenhagen's eye-catching plates in porcelain, it is easy to create a dinner table setting that will take your guests' breath away. Your dinner table should be more than just a place to sit and eat. It should represent your style and show your guests that their comfort is important.

Plates suitable for all occasions

Buy porcelain plates and other pieces for your dinner table

Our colourful plates are suitable for all occasions. Whether setting your table for a birthday dinner, a holiday feast or a Saturday brunch with your best friends, our porcelain plates are always perfect. One of the best things about the plates is that they look as fabulous when you mix them as they do individually. Wow your guest with a unique table setting that sparkles with colours.

Check out the Madeira Dinner Plate in a beautiful mix of rose, marine and gold – provide a style option right at home with any table featuring modern Scandinavian décor. Match with the Elvas Dessert Plate with pink details that work beautifully upon the Madeira Dinner Plate. Do you wish for an even more colourful result? Why not add the Lagos Dinner Plate and Ponta Dessert Plate in beautiful green to the mix?

At Reflection Copenhagen, you will find a beautiful collection of decorations for your dinner table. Apart from porcelain dinner plates, we offer a beautiful selection of crystal glassware, bowls, vases and candle holders – and, of course, a lot more. So impress your dinner guest with a unique and luxurious table setting.

Reflections Copenhagen establishes beauty that touches people. With a unique Scandinavian style, our pieces will bring your homedecór to the next level – with high-quality designs that will last for generations. Please contact us if you have any questions about our products.