Decoration in its fullest form

This very functional and incredibly decorative collection uses an entrancing colour scheme that stands sharp against a white tablecloth. Whether you are searching for a new glass object for your home, or a special gift for a friend, you will find the perfect piece in this new collection. The designers at Reflections Copenhagen have used a unique colour blocking scheme that enables them to create unexampled and showstopping pieces, taking their inspiration from the Memphis and Bauhaus eras.

A reform in dinnerware


Reflections Copenhagen have expanded their collection to include four new vibrantly coloured plates. The collection has taken its inspiration from Art Nouveau graphics and modernised them by adding a splash of the 1980’s and contemporary colour schemes, as well as an obvious Scandinavian character. The dinner plate collection will be an upgrade to your porcelain collection. Bold enough to stand alone or daring enough to be grouped together for a modern twist. One thing is for sure – these plates will spruce up any dinner table.

A riot of colours

Candle Holders

Reflections Copenhagen is proud to introduce four new candle holders to their collection. Each one offers their own unique charm, which is strong enough for the candle holders to stand on their own but also entrancing when they are paired together. You can display them beautifully on mantle pieces, books shelves, or the top of a table. These delightful candle holders will bring a riot of colours wherever placed. Each colour scheme is carefully composed to highlight the exquisite craftmanship and silhouettes in each holder.

A complementary piece

Napkin Rings

The chunky and decadent napkin rings are crafted by hand and will bring an interesting and enjoyable sense to your table settings. They are fun to mix and match with other products from our line to create splashes of colours on your table.

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