30 Apr.

Sculptural Glass and Sensory Orange

The Reflections Copenhagen Crystal Collection is featured in the Ambiente blogpost “Glorious home stars” from the 23rd of April 2019. A post which introduces masterly design and elegant eye-catchers where clean lines and sophisticated surfaces play a key role and add visual interest.

We are so honored to be a part of this Exclusive Trend Insight for 2019.

The new glass and crystal trend

2019 is all about glass- and crystal-ware, where colours and the polished surface plays a key role to the decorative yet functional object. The geometry of the crystal brings a depth and intensity of colour. The dark and mesmerizing green provides an endearing color for your home.

New Haven will fit perfectly with your glassware, in your home bar or drinks cabinet.

Orange is the new glam

Ambiente debates whether or not coziness can be glam, and agrees that with the mix of tradition and modern design, pragmatism and poetry, cozy can be glam.

The dark orange sends emotive signals which in the end allows glam to become cozy. A typical product to enhance a feeling of coziness is candles. Therefore the Ophelia T-Light amber is perfect when one wants to enhance this feeling; a feeling of glam, of home, and of coziness.

From Ambiente the blog

Thank you to Ambiente the blog for featuring the Reflections Copenhagen Crystal Collection.

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