Home Scents


A unique blend of aromatic luxury and visual elegance. This line features crystal bonbonnieres filled with scented candles designed to enrich your living space with inviting fragrances. Once the candle is used up, the bonbonniere serves as a decorative container, offering both beauty and utility.

Each item in this collection engages multiple senses, combining carefully selected fragrances with the radiant colors of hand-cut crystal. The bonbonnieres are meticulously crafted, their intricate designs catching and refracting light to add an extra layer of ambiance to your home.

Whether enhancing your own living space or searching for the perfect gift, the Home Scents collection offers a versatile and luxurious solution. These pieces serve as both aromatic focal points and timeless decorative elements, enriching your home long after the candle has burned away. With Home Scents, Reflections Copenhagen introduces a new layer of sophistication to home fragrance and decor.

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