Crystal vases for flowers with a touch of romance

Coloured crystal vases for your home

Even though our vases are a bit more expensive, we promise you that they are worth it. Use them as a beautiful decor or give them as a romantic gift to a loved one. Choose the Chicago Vase to hold a single flower or a wider one, like the South Beach Vase, designed to hold a larger bouquet. Add a touch of romance to the room by filling the vase with wildflowers or a small bouquet of tulips.

Are you looking for a wide vase with unique details like the Amarillo Vase? Or perhaps a smaller one with a thick crystal glass that gives it an extra luxurious look? We have colored vases in a wide variety of designs. Maybe you are looking for a blue crystal vase or one with purple or orange details. Fill the vase with flowers which enhance the colors and make them pop.

Make your home sparkle with colored crystal. Small details and accent pieces like a crystal vase can add a sophisticated touch to every room in your home. So, whether you're decorating the living room, bedroom or bathroom, set a wonderful vase on a side table, dining table or mantle for a peaceful atmosphere.

Purchase your crystal décor at Reflections Copenhagen

Reflections Copenhagen establishes beauty that touches people. Whether that is a vase, a bowls or crystal glassware, we promise you that you will be able to find whatever your heart desires on our website. We challenge mass perception and production with a sustainable mindset by contributing high-quality designs that last for generations.