What type of glass mirror to use in bathrooms?

A colorful mirror for your wall

We have beautiful glass mirrors that add style and functionality to your bathroom. Style the room with a unique round mirror or add color to the otherwise clean surface with a colorful mirror frame. If you think your bathroom must be minimalistic to look luxurious, you need to change that thought. You can put a regular but unique mirror with some colorful details in the bathroom.

With our Diamond Mirror in Bronze, you illustrate a perfect combination of functionality and art. This unique mirror frame with striking diamond-shaped bronze wedges is inspired by the dazzling Art Deco era. The mirror is ideal if you want to add an exclusive feeling to your bathroom

Whether you want to make a small room appear more spacious or need a decorative piece for a larger room, a colorful mirror as decor on your wall is always a great idea. A glass mirror with a high-quality design does not only add the illusion space to a room, it also brightens it by reflecting light.

Adding a mirror like the Eye of the Tiger Mirror to the wall will give the room a whole new feeling. This decorative, handcrafted mirror illustrates the magnificence of light as it bounces back into the room. As this bold statement piece will catch anybody’s eye, this is a wall decor perfect for any place in your home.

If you have any questions about our glass mirrors, please feel free to contact us.