A captivating series of crystal perfume flacons that marry olfactory pleasure with visual allure. These aren't just containers; they are miniature sculptures that elevate the ritual of applying perfume into an art form. The collection offers a diverse palette of shapes and colors, each designed to evoke different moods and sensations.

Each flacon is a feat of craftsmanship, featuring intricate facets and vibrant hues that make it a visual delight even before it's filled with perfume. The crystal's clarity and brilliance add an extra layer of luxury to your fragrance, making each spritz a multisensory experience. These flacons are not merely vessels; they are an extension of the fragrance itself, enhancing both its aroma and its aesthetic appeal.

Perfect for those who appreciate the finer nuances of scent and design, the Flacons collection offers an elevated way to store and display your favorite fragrances. These pieces make exquisite gifts for perfume connoisseurs or serve as elegant additions to your own vanity. With the Flacons collection, Reflections Copenhagen transforms the everyday act of applying perfume into a moment of pure indulgence.

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