Through an autonomous experimenting design approach and use of strong materials Reflections Copenhagen pioneer the creative field to create the highest aesthetic designs, which unite exquisite materials and geometric shapes to form functional art objects.

The Reflections Copenhagen designs are balanced to challenge the traditional styles, colours and shapes of today’s décor by adding new dimensions and possibilities to interior decorating. All irregularities and inconsistencies are part of the particular handcrafted character and elegance.

The initial idea to create Reflections Copenhagen came out of the feeling that there was a need for something different, something to counteract the traditional and a desire to be able to create a fusion of dynamic Reflections, which appeal to unconventional ways of using the perfect combination of decór and art.


Andrea Larsson

Andrea Larsson is a self-taught designer born in Copenhagen in 1972 with a background in interior design and fashion. In 2015 she founded Reflections Copenhagen with her previous partner Julie Hugau, with the intention of creating something nontraditional, by using the reflections of the natural light. The inspiration to Reflections Copenhagen comes from Andreas own observations, photos and countless sketches, and with these ideas she started to create products that appeals to your senses.

Andrea Larsson holding two Reflections Copenhagen crystal glassesThe designs by Reflections Copenhagen cannot be described as typical Scandinavian design, but Andrea believes there is a fundamental expression in the aesthetics, that are hard to miss. These originate from our strong tradition and beliefs in design and architecture, that we have been taught early - everything from the graphic lines to the simplicity. The designer Andrea Larsson has a great love for colors and shapes, and she loves to combine these with inspiration from earlier eras of design and aspires to bring her own designs to life with a modern approach.

An important philosophy for the designer is paying tribute to earlier design eras, in combination with a clear modern expression. To Andrea, it is essential that the recipient plays an active role and is forced to interact with the products, and therefore has the opportunity to create their own universe surrounding the products. She believes that you can draw parallels to art, music and fashion, and that it is important that Reflections Copenhagen’s products make you feel something special.  The Scandinavian sky and light as we know it in the north, as well as the reflections of light and shadows, are the base of the designs. By using crystal, the light reflections create strong and beautiful colors, that draws the viewer.