A crystal candle holder serves various purposes

Add elegance and beauty to your home

Amplify the beauty of your home decor with gorgeous crystal candle holders. A candle holder serves various purposes, right from bringing warmth and a beautiful light to the room. Let Brooklyn Candle Holder with side wings in colored crystal become a permanent part of your table setting, or put a double pair of Queens Candle Holder in the entrance to welcome your guests.

The designers at Reflections Copenhagen have been inspired by Art Deco architecture and New York City’s iconic skyscrapers. The pieces are made from hand-cut crystals and will make an elegant addition to your home decor. Mix them for a striking visual effect.

Create an elegant home with a candlestick holder in crystal. Decorating your home with crystal is the perfect way of adding elegance and beauty to your surroundings. Whether that is a vase, a bowl, crystal glassware, or a crystal tealight candle holder, we promise you that you will be able to find whatever your heart desires on our website.

We always strive to create products of high quality and we hope that our beautiful collection of crystal candle holders will put some extra sparkle into your everyday life. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products.