Colorful coffee table for your living room

How to style your crystal side table

Position your coffee table directly in front of the sofa and across from the TV stand for a traditional aesthetic. This arrangement leaves enough room for walking and makes it easy for everyone to take a seat on the sofa. Our crystal tables are also perfect for smaller spaces where you don’t have enough room to decorate with a lot of furniture. A unique coffee table will make the room fabulous, all on its own.

We have tables in different sizes. Maybe the petite Detroit Table will fit your home. This handcrafted table is designed as a sculptured piece of furniture with unique details that unveil a different notion. Like all of our crystal tables, this table has legs adorned with brass fittings which elegantly meet the blue tabletop. Imagine this as a part of your living room, with a pair of magical crystal candle holders on top.

When it comes to styling your unique side table, consider what aesthetics work best for your space. If you’re looking for the perfect fit for your colorful side table, check out our crystal décor items. We have a wide collection of handcrafted crystal decorations for your home, including tealight holders, bowls and bonbonnieres made from 100% crystal.

To complete the look, combine your crystal décor with your favorite hardcover books and candles for a cosy feeling. Maybe you want to try out our home scents, which fill your room with a harmonious aroma

For any questions about our crystal tables, please feel free to contact us.